A world of danish design

Are you also keen on furniture, art and lighting of danish design?

At World of Danish Design we are all about spreading and sharing the interest and passion for danish design. Here you will find carefully selected products, which all has one thing in common, being solid danish handcraft with each their own details and peculiar story.

At times the selection will be wide - at times it will be small. To us it is not about having a wide selection, it is about having the right selection
World of Danish Design sell both used as well as new items.

If you are not finding exactly what you a looking for, then contact us - perhaps the item is on its way.


World of Danish Design also appraise items, this is a no-obligation appraisal
where you fill out an application and will get your answer within a few days.

More information?

You are always welcome to contact us for more information regarding a product or if you have questions


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