The essential information about the item is listed on worldofdanishdesign.com, for further information, questions or surveying we can be contacted on Phone. +45 2221 4686 or on mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


All prices are current prices and only valid on the day of the order. There might be changes in the price. Please be aware that some items will be sold under used VAT agreement, so VAT can not be deducted. All new tems will be sold under the ordinary VAT agreement and the listed prices is incl. VAT.


The payment for the items will happen on pick-up, delivery or by transfer. The payment must be completed before the items is being handed over. We accept Dankort, Visa Dankort and Visa MasterCard.
The risk for accidental or deterioration:
Only when the ordered goods are in the buyers possession, will the risk of the ordered goods being damaged due to accidental conditions transfered to the buyer.


World of Danish Design provide according to the Danish Sale of Goods Act 2 years waranty starting from the invoicedate on the fabrication- and material defects on all new items. The warranty will not cover flaws, damages or wear, directly or indirectly inflicted due to incorrect handling, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorised actions. The invoice must be shown to World of Danish Design when activating the warranty.
We kindly ask you to state where the flaw exist.
Please notice that items purchased under the used tax agreement is not covered by the above warranty.

Warranty for private

If buyer inform World of Danish Design, that buyer have regretted the purchase within 14 days after delivery, World of Danish Design will return the recieved amount to buyer. When returning please make sure, that the item is returned in the same state that it was recieved. Buyer will send the item in sensible packaging, together with a copy of the invoice and please write clearly that you will activate the warranty and that you want the amount paid for the item returned. you can also regret your purchase by denying reception of the shipment.

Warranty for business

Items sold to businesses will generally not be accepted being send back. In special cases returning of items/cancelations can happen if a  previous agreement has been made. World of Danish Design reserve the right to, when returning items/cancelations, to carry out a return fee of 25% of the invoice value. The items will be returned based on current prices. Custom orders is not possible to cancel/return, not even if there is a delay on delivery that  World of Danish Design do not have any influence on.

Right regarding changes

World of Danish Design reserve the right to chance and update the terms and agreements, that apply to this homepage. Due to this, it is important that you continuously stay informed about changes that has been made.

Delivery time

Unless anything else has been informed, the delivery time is within 2-5 work days.


Abuse of worldofdanishdesign.com might lead to a police report.


On worldofdanishdesign.com apply cookies with the purpose to optimize the website and its functionality, in order to make the visit as easy and smooth for you as possible. You can at any time delete cookies from your computer depending on what browser you use.


We use statistics on worldofdanishdesign.com which meanse that, a system gather information, which can give a statisic image of how many visits we have, where they come from on where on the page users navigate etc. the statistics is only used in order to optimize worldofdanishdesign.com

Delivery (Inland)

When you deal with worldofdanishdesign.dk you have multiple possibilites regarding pick-up or delivery of the item/items.

- Pick-up can happen on our address or by appointment.

- Delivery can happen either by carrier or our own driver within 2-5 weekday.

Delivery (Foreign)

World of Danish Design can in principle deliver all over the world. however we reserve the right to reject foreign orders, if risk or costs is to exorbitant.

The delivery cost is for the buyer to pay, but we can, but we can with advantage recommend our own provider, which can carry the item safely to you. If so then contact us on mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on phone +45 22 21 46 86.


If you order from a non-EU country the items will be TAX-free, that means that you can substract 20% from all the prices, with exception fof used items, which us under special rules within the "used TAX agreement"

Do however be aware that, a possible VAT from your own country might be added before delivery to you, the same can happen with customs.

More information?

You are always welcome to contact us for more information regarding a product or if you have questions


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